Introducing the newest and most authorative book
on the history of the Wooden Station Wagon to date.

Written and photographed by Rich Bloechl, this compilation contains the most accurate historic information about the evolution of the wooden station wagon from its humble beginnings in the early 1900’s, to the last days of production ending in 1953. Four years of investigative research and an endless photographic quest, has resulted in the most complete book on the history of the wooden station wagon . This deluxe hardcover book has 160 pages packed with photos of over 300 various Woodies and Wagons. Arranged in chronological order, this pictorial history collection is bound to become a collector’s item.
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Below are some samples of what you'll see inside Woodies & Wagons.

Among the many early examples of the wooden station wagon/depot hack shown in the book are these: a 1923 Star, 1923 Buick, 1925 Ford Model T and a 1924 Dodge.

There are many one-off station wagons shown in the book, including this 1934 Packard. Did you know Henry Ford made the first BBQ briquets and grill? Here is an original Ford BBQ grill on the tailgate of a 1935 Ford wagon.

Just about every wooden station wagon made is shown in the book, including these two rarities; a 1939 Chevrolet and 1939 Plymouth.

The evolution of the wooden station wagon is chronicled from the early 1900's all the way through the last production woodies of 1953. Here you see two of the last Buick woodies; a Roadmaster and a Super series.

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