Woodie Parts

Miscellaneous 41-48 Ford parts for passenger car and woodies.
email me with inquiries, and I will calculate shipping costs

Tailgate seal kit: Liftgate bottom and side seals, lower hinge, tailgate sides. New $65

Windshield stainless steel frame set. $150

Passenger rear door hinges. $150

Rear door handle. $75

Used Liftgate seal 54" long. $25

Original Front bumper, needs plating. $175

Rear quarter window trim pieces. $40 pair

Window locks, one short front, one long rear. SOLD

'46 rear fender stainless, very good. $80
Front bumper brackets. $100 Kick panel end strips. $40 pair Window crank handles, chrome, $15 each.
3 center grille bars, S/S. $75
Bumper guards, need plating. $60 pair.
Door hinge pin stepped washers. 32 piece $7 Vent window crank hendles, chrome.$30 pair.
3 piece upper grille trim, usable as is but need plating.$120 per set. Lower radiator pan. $75 Large 3/8ths fine thread blind nuts for front door hinge bolts. $5 each Chrome escutcheons $5 each.
Dash gauge panel, needs plating $25 10 leaf rear spring. $75 5/16ths fine thread blind nuts for hinge screws S/S $5 each. Gray plastic escutcheons, $5 each.
Rear sway bar $40 Upper mounting bracket $30 each. Rear spring Ubolts, $30 w/strap, $20 w/o Clutch pedal with crossbar. $75 2 stepped plastic escutcheons $10
4 ribbed S/S escutcheons $20 all