Woody Restoration Projects
Here is the last project the woodyguy (Rich Bloechl) finished
at Accurate Woodworks in Morgan Hill, CA.

Gerard Capello's '47 Ford arrives at the shop to be fitted with a new body from Cincinnati Wood-
works. Chubby Chassis did the chassis work and provided body lift framework.

First order of business was to install new rubber body mounts to chassis, then fit quarter panel assemblies to rear fender sheetmetal contours

The roof assembly, tail and liftgates are set in place for a trial fit. Roof side rails need to be reshaped to conform.

Here necessary modifications are made to the front header and the rear quarter window areas for a better fit.

After several fittings, the roof contours now fit the quarter panels and cowl areas.

The center door posts are installed and doors hung after hinge locations are determined.

View of passenger side doors after final fit.

Drivers side doors trimmed and fit in place.

The body is disassembled and varnishing begins.

The roof and quarter panels were removed for varnishing, then reassembled.

Varnishing is finished and the body is reassembled with new fasteners and blindnuts throughout.

All inside brackets and hardware are painted and installed. The car is near completion.

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