Past Restoration Project

Santa Cruz Woodies member Matt Jacobs '46 Ford in shop for refinishing. All the chassis work has been done and the sheetmetal has been painted.

All the of wood is sanded, bleached and sanded again.

The drivers upper top rail had some damage so I routered out the area and a new maple skin has been made and glued in place.

The front doors had poor wood at the bottom hinge post and I made new maple pieces to replace theses areas.

The outer door panels, quarter panels and tailgate panel needed to be sanded bare and are being restained.

The main body structure was varnished prior to assembly because it's easier to sand and varnish when the pieces are separate.

The tailgate and liftgate are set in place for a trial fit. All machine screw/T-nuts are installed in the roof.

The doors are hung and checked for alignment.

New African Mahogany inner door panels were made and trimmed to fit.

After test fitting all parts, the body is partially disassembled and varnishing begins. 7 coats of marine spar varnish were applied.

The roof slats were installed after 6 coats of varnish were applied.

After all varnishing was completed, the body components were reassembled using new stainless ssteel hardware throughout. All brackets are painted.

With final assembly, the roof T-nut holes were filled and all roof surfaces filled and sanded smooth.

The doors, liftgate and tailgate are reattached with new stainless hardware and freshly painted hinges.

The new inner door panels are attached as are all window cranks and latch hardware. New weatherstipping has been applied also.

The project is near completion with all hardware reattached.

New tailgate and liftgate rubber and seals have been installed. New glass felt channels were installed ready for a glass shop to fit the glass.

The project is complete and awaits a trailer ride back home.

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